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Food, Energy, and Resources are human needs and goals which we have spent most of our business life in them. We decided to participate in building a better world by suppling better products and technologies. We believe all people in the globe must be enjoyed the best sustainable life style. In order to achieve this, we should provide our customers what we develop in Canada.

Product quality, price, availability, reliability and customer service (provide training and information) are all parameters which makes us a supplier who has a high level of integrity, and that our business partners can trust.

We want to meet more than the minimum requirements, and exceed our customers’ expectations and are willing to go the extra mile. We are team workers, flexible, and early adopters. When we learn of a good idea or tech practice we will adopt it and our customers can learn from us.

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Technical Information


Nitrogen is a major component of proteins, hormones, chlorophyll, vitamins and enzymes essential for plant life. Nitrogen metabolism is a major factor in stem and leaf growth (vegetative


Phosphorus is necessary for seed germination, photosynthesis, protein formation and almost all aspects of growth and metabolism in plants. It is essential for flower and fruit formation.


Potassium is necessary for formation of sugars, starches, carbohydrates, protein synthesis and cell division in roots and other parts of the plant. It helps to adjust water balance, improves


Sulfur (S) deficiency in soils is becoming increasingly common in many areas of the world as a result of agronomic practices, high biomass exportation and reduced S emissions to the atmosphere. In this review, the incidence and


Iron is necessary for many enzyme functions and as a catalyst for the synthesis of chlorophyll. It is essential for the young growing parts of plants. Deficiencies are pale leaf color of young leaves followed by yellowing of leaves and large veins.


Zinc is a component of enzymes or a functional cofactor of a large number of enzymes including auxins (plant growth hormones). It is essential to carbohydrate metabolism, protein synthesis and internodal elongation (stem growth). Deficient


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